Expedition to Nalam-Kes

Session 1
Two Old Friends Join the Rebellion

It was the first day of a new age. The Death Star had been destroyed the previous night over the planet of Yavin, and Imperial Morale was at its lowest.

In a Cafe on the backwater planet of Cargoh’Naboth, a Twi’Lek archaeologist, Sien Doreeta, and a Kel-Dor Demolitionist nicknamed “the Peaceful Destroyer,” officially Ift Feng, have reunited after several years. Ift Feng had been kicked out of school three years previously for assaulting her professor, but Sien was an honorable Grad Student in search of adventure.

Almost in answer to their unspoken prayers, the pair was approached by a crone of a woman. She possessed stringy red hair and a serious demeanor, and beckoned the two to meet her in an area “away from Imperial ears.” The woman, a General in the Rebel Alliance by name of Dorset Harth, offered the duo the option of lending their services on an expedition to the little known star cluster of Nalam-Kes, or being killed for knowing her true identity. Deciding quickly, the duo literally signed over their lives to the Rebellion.

The next day, any doubt of their new allegiance was vanquished when the pair was confronted by Stormtroopers outside their hotel room. After unsuccessfully attempting to seduce the troopers and pleading ignorance to the identity of their elderly visitor the night before, a few more Rebels preparing for the Nalam-Kes expedition provided some well-needed cover fire, and the rendezvous for mission briefing at the nearby shipyard was successful. At the shipyard, they learned that the planet of Selborbusen 6, in the Nalam-Kes cluster, was in imminent danger of destruction as it’s sun’s death was imminent. Sien was contacted to do some salvage archaeology on the planet, and the “Peaceful Destroyer” would surely be able to provide some assistance in communicating with the local species of Borbites (and perhaps peacefully destroying some things along the way).

A few hours later, three ships departed the atmosphere of Cargoh’Naboth: A Defender Class Star Destroyer, the Mace Windu, carrying significant numbers of Rebel Troops to establish a base on Selborbusen 6 under the command of General Harth Herself, and 2 Yt-2400 Freighters, named the Pirate’s Glory and Dawn Trumpet, carrying supplies and specialists for the Expedition respectively. In the uncomfortable quarters of the Dawn Trumpet, Sien and Ift Feng relaxed a bit and met a few of their fellow missionaries.

Muz was a male Duros Pilor, a veteran of the clone wars and Mercenary for 40 years. He claimed to be about delaying his retirement, but he seemed to open up to Ift Feng in conversation. Sien found similar pleasantries with a Bothan Xenobiologist, Ziku Ri’Plot. With the rest of the crew, they weren’t so lucky.

After alienating a boastful Twi’lek Diplomat named Bibfort Bonduno and a slimy human called only “Shilo,” the ship landed on Kalbesas, the unofficial capital of the Nalam-Kes cluster. Three days before ahead of schedule thanks to the excellent Astrogation of Muz, the group departed the musty freighter with the advice to “Keep a Low Profile.”

Bored and Isolated amongst the alienated crew, Ift and Sien ventured out on their own. After a “Kalbesian Mud” facial, the two (slightly pinker than before) entered an antique shop called “Obi’s Oddities” in a back alley of Kello City. There, they met a mysterious Kalbesian Stranger named Elphaaa, who bade them to bring him engineering plans of Kello City for payment. The duo journeied to the city planning office, where they tried there luck at seduction once more, this time catching the interest of a gullible Rodian named Xeedo, and returned just an hour later with a full swath of engineering documents for their Kalbesian friend. Unable to provide adequate payment on the spot, Elphaaa disappeared until he could “return with the credits.”

He didn’t.

On the streets of Kello City, with night approaching, Sien and the “PD” began the trek back to the Dawn Trumpet, overhearing a few rumors of a “Hutt Seeking Missile,” “Plans,” and “Elphaaa.”
Captain Cro Jest, the powerful Kel-Dor officer of the Trumpet, told them to be more careful in the future, and firmly told them that he doubted “the planet would explode.” Restless and nervous, the pair departed once again, racing against time to the palace of Kello the Hutt, overlord of Kello City, to warn him of this possible missile threat. QUickly captured and held prisoner by the Hutt Crime Lord, they were sent on yet another mission, on pain of death, to the other side of the planet to collect the Missile Detector of Kiat the Hutt.

Arriving in the “City of the People of Kiat,” Sien and Ift Feng walked down garbage-strewn streets to the more modest home of Kiat the Hutt. Contrary to the Surly Gamorrean guards at Kello’s palace, Kiat eagerly welcomed the women into his home, served them some hors d’oeuvres,
and brought them to his bedroom to show them his Missile Detector. Feeling victorious, the women “tricked” the Hutt into playing “Hide and Seek” with them because it “turned them on.” The women were turned on, however, when Kiat locked them in the bedroom and destroyed Kello’s shuttle, and with it their ride home. While the Twi’Lek attempted to squeeze up the chimney, the peaceful destroyer peacefully destroyed the lock on the bedroom door, and the two escaped.


Now, they stand in the hallway of Kiat the Hutt’s Mansion, surrounded by guards and without the Hutt Seeking Missile Detector they were sent for, without a way to rejoin the Rebel Crew they alienated the day before….

Quotes from Session 1
Sharing the Laughter....

“I feel great compassion for variables now.” -Sien, after becoming a variable.

“I’m a citizen of Archaeology!” -Sien
“So, you’re a citizen of old dead people?” -GM
“No, I’m a citizen of old dead people’s stuff.” -Sien

“We seek out your Hutt-Missile!” -Sien, attempting to Seduce Kiat the Hutt

“What exactly does a Hutt-Seeking Missile Detector look like?” -Sien, in Kiat the Hutt’s Bedroom

“(Kello the Hutt) is worse!” -Ift
“You meant “good and beneficent,” right?" -Sien
“Yeah, I guess. For a Drug Lord.” -Ift

“I’m a Crime Lord, not a Drug Lord! There’s a difference!” -Kello the Hutt

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