Expedition to Nalam-Kes

Quotes from Session 1

Sharing the Laughter....

“I feel great compassion for variables now.” -Sien, after becoming a variable.

“I’m a citizen of Archaeology!” -Sien
“So, you’re a citizen of old dead people?” -GM
“No, I’m a citizen of old dead people’s stuff.” -Sien

“We seek out your Hutt-Missile!” -Sien, attempting to Seduce Kiat the Hutt

“What exactly does a Hutt-Seeking Missile Detector look like?” -Sien, in Kiat the Hutt’s Bedroom

“(Kello the Hutt) is worse!” -Ift
“You meant “good and beneficent,” right?" -Sien
“Yeah, I guess. For a Drug Lord.” -Ift

“I’m a Crime Lord, not a Drug Lord! There’s a difference!” -Kello the Hutt



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